Any fool can sell a good product.  Our company is built on the principle of second-to-none, fast, reliable and courteous service. We've been at this for over 25 years, so we've gotten pretty good at it. We intend to meet and even exceed your own perceptions of what great customer service should be. If in doubt, buy or rent something from us. Sure, everybody looks great when all is going well. But when the chips are down, we've still got your back.  If you are not satisfied. we are not satisfied.


Our product range is limited and focused. That allows us to provide the best of all worlds to electrical and communications contractors, facilities managers and engineers, energy engineers and electrical and electronic OEM's in particular.  We specialize in two key areas, identification and electric power instrumentation. Our brands are similarly limited. When you limit what you do, and who you do it for, you can get pretty darned good at it. Despite our hard earned experience and education, we are best at listening to you, the customer. If you don't feel that you are being heard, call Don Lovett at Hanover.

Our unique level of customer service has established our niche in our industry. When we say "we've got your back", it's not a slogan. It's our own self-imposed minimum standard of performance. It's our way of life. It's the only way.

We look forward to serving you.

And the serving you over and over again ...

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